The mission of Laski Advisors is to help make our clients’ businesses grow by enhancing their relationships in key areas specific to each individual client’s needs.  That may mean assisting in more efficiently dealing with government, facilitating sales and revenue opportunities, and eliminating expenses through better vendor partnerships or organizing campaigns for optimal success.  Plain and simple…providing Business Development, Expediting Government Bureaucracy, Business Consultation, and Campaign Coordination.


Laski Advisors Testimonials

“I have known Jim for over 30 years.  He has mastered the legislative process on all levels – city, county, state and federal.  Highly respected in the community, Jim and his team represent their clients in an extremely competent and professional manner.”

Mayor Gerald R. Bennett, City of Palos Hills
President, Southwest Conference of Mayors

“I have known Jim for nearly 40 years and he certainly knows the legislative process and how the government works. His professionalism and passion shine through in everything he does.”

Alderman Mike Zalewski
Chicago 23rd Ward
Chairman, Committee on Aviation

“I am very happy to offer a testimonial for James Laski (former Chicago City Clerk) on the Ethics Seminar he conducted for our firm.  We were worried that our ethics program was turning into just another dry Power Point presentation.  We wanted it to pack a punch and to wake employees up to the dangers of unethical conduct. Jim’s presentation provided precisely the humorous perspective we were looking for.  His presentation definitely made a positive impact on our firm; we strongly recommend him for firms determined to have an aggressive ethics program.”

Mike Foley
Training Manager
Burnham Nationwide

“Jim has over 20 years of experience in both the public sector and the legal field.  His knowledge and expertise has proven to be an invaluable resource to his clients and advisees.  He has provided us with guidance and helped us develop effective strategies”

Michael Laird
Attorney at Law, CPA
Laird and Associates

“I have worked with Jim on a number of legislative matters and political campaigns for over 30 years.  He has a wealth of knowledge in the governmental process on both local and state levels.  His input and advice are highly valued.  I would definitely recommend working with Jim; his passion for producing positive results is unparalleled.”

Robert Molaro
Illinois State Senator (RET.)

"Jim has worked closely with our team for the past 3 years.  His professionalism and tenacity for governmental communications is unmatched.  He has secured valuable contacts with over 100 municipal mayors and managers across a 5 county area in Illinois.  His communication skills combined with his accomplished political background have been a huge asset to our company.  Through our work together, he has become a trusted resource for The Concord Group.”

Ed Stritch
The Concord Group