Jim Laski


Jim Laski is the personification of the rise and fall that occurs in today’s American politics. From his humble beginnings on the southwest side of Chicago to his rise as City Clerk, the second highest elected position in the City of Chicago, he experienced a variety of life’s peaks and valleys. With his many years of experience in public service, the legal arena, and media communications, Jim is utilizing his knowledge, talents, and contacts as President of Laski Advisors.

After his graduation from Lewis University and Northern Illinois University Law School and his acceptance into the Illinois Bar Association, Jim chased his passion for public service working with local, state, and federal government for over 28 years, 16 of which were as an elected official in the City of Chicago serving as Alderman for 5 years and City Clerk for 11 years. As the City Clerk of Chicago, Jim led an office that issued over 100,000 business licenses annually with an $8 Million operational budget producing over $100 Million in revenue for the city.

As a legendary political figure, Jim is known for making a mark on history as an authority in the political arena with a unique ability to captivate an audience. He was a noteworthy radio personality for WGN and public speaker and university lecturer.