Connecting you…

  • Government Affairs
    Connecting businesses with key government officials in order to facilitate efficient interactions on a wide variety of issues.
  • Government Communications
    Providing guidance and management to secure municipal approvals and permits for building, zoning, public way, and transportation.  Cutting through the “red tape” to save time and avoid project delay.
  • Business Development
    Connecting businesses together to form stronger partnerships that will generate more revenue.
  • Political Campaign Consultation/Management
    Connecting candidates with voters by developing the “candidate brand” and managing all aspects of the political campaign.
  • Sales/Marketing
    Connecting clients’ brands directly with targeted prospective buyers through face-to-face meetings with key decision makers.
  • Media Communications
    Connecting clients with all local media outlets including coordinating all press conferences.
  • Ethics Seminar
    Conducting a powerful ethics program to wake employers up to the dangers of unethical conduct.  Strongly recommended for firms determined to have an aggressive professional ethics program.